In Come Here Come Here (2019), which lends its title from the fingering technique to achieve a g-spot orgasm, Schmitz takes you on a journey of discovery through the many theories and imagery concerning female sexual pleasure, a subject that has risen in popular culture; clitoris art and female ejaculation workshops are trending. But how to navigate through this flood of information that all present different truths?

As a poetic manifesto for a more plural understanding of female sexuality, this associative film interweaves experts’ and sexologists’ knowledges with the director’s own fantasies, memories and confusions: by whom is sexual knowledge produced? How to represent the unrepresentable? How to bring the inside out?

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With a.o. artist/researcher Isabel Burr Raty, sex shop owner Hanni Jagtman, sexologist Liesbeth Schillemans and artist/experience expert Ilona West.

Director / Researcher / Camera / Edit: Julia Schmitz
Stereoscopy camera operator: Anne Lakeman
Colorgrader: Rob Leech
Graphic Design: Esther Vane
Super8 archive: Rob & Johan Schmitz

Selected at Vers Film Awards 2021
Selected at Royal Anthropology Institute (RAI) Film Festival 2021
Winner Best Documentary – The Hague Film Festival 2020
Awarded the Paul Watson Prize Goldsmiths University (Best audiovisual project of 2019)