Julia Schmitz (1993, NL) is a filmmaker (and photographer) whose work challenges the separation of fiction and nonfiction in both the medium itself, as in her subject matter. After experimenting with documentary film installations at the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, NL), she continued her research in representation methods at the MA Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University (London, UK). In her work, Schmitz lightheartedly investigates subjects with complex and miscellaneous characters, such as the many theories of female sexuality and its anatomical imaging. Or, her grandmother. She is interested in how narratives are shaped, and what role images play in this process. With an essayistic approach, she connects image and sound in somewhat mischievous but poetic manners, that aim to discover the personal as well as the political in ways of seeing and constructing realities.

“The artist biography should always be written from the third person”. Now that’s out of the way, I want to say that I just love to make films and photographs, and I do this on a freelance basis as well. From videography to photography, and from directing to editing. So, please do contact me if you want to collaborate. Looking forward to it already.


2018-2019   MA Visual Anthropology, Goldsmiths University, London

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2013-2017   Interactive/Media/Design, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague

2012-2013   Communication & Multimedia Design, Hogeschool van Amsterdam


Exhibitions/screenings selection

2020   Come Here Come Here – The Hague Film Festival 
            Winner Best Documentary

2020   Pre-Postmortem Recordings (short documentary with Diane Mahin) 
            Museumnacht, Museum Tot Zover

2019   Come Here Come Here – Screening at Curzon Goldsmiths
            Awarded the Paul Watson Price – Best Audiovisual Project of 2019.

2019  Finding Artemisia / Un-Heroic Traditions (short documentary with    
           Luisa-Maria MacCormack) – screening at Brixton Village, London      

2019  Under ConstructionA Video Essay –  Prelon Musk: Acts of Kleinness, 
           Selected by BFI: best film essays of 2019

2018 Tropical Fish in the North Sea – Festimi, Amsterdam

2017 Royal Academy of Arts Graduation Show

2013 CSI: VBW, GEM Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague NL

2013 On all fours, TodaysArt Festival, The Hague NL


Freelance film & photography 

Clients include:  i.a.  Zam Magazine, Touchy Studios, Vigics, Lynk & Co, London Drawing Group, Storyboard Agency
( i.a. Van Dobbe, Rituals, ANWB, ASICS, Jack Daniels, Heineken), Lipcote&Co London, Vuile Huichelaar, Markttheater, Heineken Experience, Transnatural Gallery, Studio Philip Vermeulen, Studio Margherita Soldati, Humanity House, WeMakeVR, Stukafest, Van Gogh Experience.