Julia Sterre Schmitz (Amsterdam, NL, 1993) is a filmmaker and photographer based in Amsterdam. She recently graduated at the Interactive/Media/Design faculty at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In her work she questions the division between fiction and reality, and investigates where the two meet. Fascinated by how reality is presented in our ‘post-truth society’ she explores the means of the documentary film as a medium and accepted truth-teller. Led by her interest in capturing the fictional within the real, and the real within the fictional, she plays with the documentary ’s claim to truth. She tests her manipulation as a maker, both the deliberate choices as the “innocent” types of framing. She searches for truthful ways of portraying the characters she follows. Often by showing flaws in the construction, both spatially as substantially. Her graduation project Tropical Fish in the North Sea is a multi-layered documentary film installation that lets one experience the  a reality of Generation Y. It invites the viewer to co-construct a story taken from reality.


Next year she is starting doing her master studies Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths’ University in London.




2012-2013 Communication & Multimedia Design, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

2013-2017 Interactive/Media/Design, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague

2016 Internship Storyboard Agency Amsterdam



2018 Tropical Fish in the North Sea – Festimi, Amsterdam

2017 Royal Academy of Arts Graduation Show

2013 CSI: VBW, GEM Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague NL

2013 On all fours, TodaysArt Festival, The Hague NL


Freelance film & photography 

Photography: i.a. Storyboard Agency ( i.a. Van Dobbe, Rituals, ANWB, ASICS, Jack Daniels, Heineken), Lipcote&Co, Markttheater, Heineken Experience
Aftermovies/promovideos/edits: i.a. WeMakeVR, Stukafest, Bedrijvenspiegel, Lipcote&Co London, Van Gogh Experience